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English Courses by Telephone or Videoconference

  • Do you need to develop your confidence and fluency when speaking English?
  • Do you have little spare time?
  • Do you travel frequently?
  • Do you have specific needs and objectives?

Telephone English courses are ideal if you need to communicate in English by telephone or conference call, or just want to improve your listening and speaking.

Teacher smiling during a telephone lesson
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English coaching by telephone can also be integrated into a traditional classroom or videoconference course to offer more flexibility, improve your learning experience, and increase your confidence and fluency.

What are the advantages?

  • Flexible and convenient - to fit busy schedules
    • Schedule your lessons where and when you want between 8am and 8pm
    • No time is wasted travelling or waiting
    • Short lessons that are easy to schedule

  • Personalised lessons - to maximise your progress
      Photos of some of our teachers
    • One-to-one lessons with a native English teacher who has real business experience in sectors such as Finance, Marketing, HR, IT, Sales, etc., who can understand your specific problems and needs.
    • Interesting lessons that focus exclusively on you and your objectives, with tailored lesson content and topics.
    • Integrating real business topics and documents, using vocabulary and role-plays, to help you prepare for your next presentation or conference call.

  • Complete concentration - to help you speak with confidence
    • Telephone lessons push you to speak and express yourself clearly
    • Focus on pronunciation, comprehension, and vocabulary
    • Communicative approach, focussing on fluency, comprehension and Business English

Your lessons with a mother-tongue English teacher not only cover pronunciation and vocabulary, but also apply English to real business situations and your job using simulations and authentic examples.

You can also work together on shared writing exercises to gain confidence, helping you to communicate better and with more success.

Aren't traditional lessons in person better?

"The course is going very well and I'm extremely satisfied with [name of teacher], both in terms of the methodology used and her expertise."
Andrea Caporaso
Chartered Accountant, Como

If you need to improve your English for conference calls, or if you want to focus on your speaking and listening comprehension, our experience with both face-to-face and telephone courses has shown us that telephone courses produce faster results.

By removing body language and obliging you to communicate through speaking and listening, you build confidence and develop those skills more quickly than with face-to-face lessons.

Except for beginner level students, we also recommend telephone courses for those who travel often or for participants who are geographically distributed.

How do the lessons work?

    "We design a personalised study agenda to meet your exact needs"

  • We assess your level of English, your objectives and your priorities, so we can design a personalised study agenda to meet your exact needs.
  • We chose and/or create the study materials to improve your level of fluency and comprehension of Business English.
  • Your teacher calls you at the time of your choice between 8 am and 8 pm.
  • We provide a virtual whiteboard to exchange notes, spelling and diagrams with your teacher.
  • They are individual lessons, so your teacher continually adapts the course to your progress and individual needs.
  • Lessons can be cancelled with up to 24 hours' notice with no cost or penalty.
Example of exercises on the screen during a lesson


All videoconference and telephone coaching courses include:

  • Progress reporting: monthly check-ups to evaluate the participants' progress, motivation and timing.
  • Lessons integrate real business topics and role-plays to build confidence and apply new language. You can also proof-read your documents together or prepare for a presentation.
  • Business coaching: not only does your teacher encourage and guide you in your learning, but also helps you to understand the business culture and background of your foreign colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Blended option

Screenshot of the online part of the course

Coaching by telephone can be integrated with interactive online exercises to improve all 4 skills areas, reinforce your learning, and provide effective and flexible lessons.

Guided by your teacher, you will have unlimited access to professional-quality vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing exercises, as well as extra listening comprehension tasks and videos.

During the lesson your teacher then provides feedback and helps you practise what you have learnt, creating a solid foundation for your speaking and listening skills. Learn more about blended learning.

English Helpdesk

The English Helpdesk is an innovative language support service by telephone or email to help your staff overcome any language barriers, and answer their questions on the use and comprehension of English.

The service can be integrated into any of our courses, or used as a separate, flexible business tool to maintain or supplement the English communication abilities of your employees.

Plans and pricing

3 months

€ 154
per month

6 months

€ 149
per month

3 months

€ 279
per month

10 hours
1 lesson per week of
1 hour for 10 weeks

20 hours
1 lesson per week of
1 hour for 20 weeks

20 hours
2 lessons per week of
1 hour for 10 weeks

Expert native English speaking teachers Expert native English speaking teachers Expert native English speaking teachers

We believe that a great teacher is the key to a successful course. All our teachers are native English speakers with a recognised teaching qualification and substantial teaching experience with professionals at all levels.
They are experienced corporate trainers who want to share with you their passion for language and learning, to help you to speak English better and with more confidence.
Meet our teachers

Personalised content and programme Personalised content and programme Personalised content and programme

The first step of your course is to understand your needs and objectives, with an individual evaluation session with your teacher, a test, and a needs analysis questionnaire.
With this information we plan the course content around your specific difficulties and level. This maximises your progress with lessons that are relevant to your job, that can be applied immediately, and that are interesting and stimulating.
To see an example of how we customise the course programme around the participant: Business English - Purchasing & Sales (PDF).

Certificate and final progress report Certificate and final progress report Certificate and final progress report

You will receive a comprehensive report explaining your progress in the course, your communication abilities, and recommendations for future study.
The 20 hour courses also include a final assessment based on transparent and recognised standard European levels.
Everyone receives a course completion or participation certificate.
Your company will also have a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact for any didactic or organisational requests.
See an example report

Maintenance service for 12 months after the course Maintenance service for 12 months after the course Maintenance service for 12 months after the course

You will receive a maintenance course for 12 months after your course, with a regular series of bite-size exercises on Business and General English, and useful resources for performance support.
This service is exclusive to TJ Taylor and is included with all our corporate and full immersion courses - learn more.

Monthly reporting optional * Monthly reporting Monthly reporting

Each month you will receive regular updates, which includes the main participation and performance data, as well as an analysis of the course and individual participants.
This report highlights any issues or alerts quickly and clearly, as well as reporting on course progress and timing.
Also available by cost centre, department or manager.
* Monthly reporting is also available for Maintenance courses with 5 or more participants.
Learn more about our HR reporting.

Blended course optional for €15 /month * Blended course included FREE Blended course included FREE

Blended courses combine the advantages of teacher-based training with the flexibility of interactive elearning exercises.
Blended learning improves your use of English in all 4 language areas, so your progress is more balanced and you have more opportunities to practise.
The elearning exercises are guided and reviewed by your teacher. They expand your vocabulary, grammar and syntax, and improve your reading and listening comprehension.
This means your telephone lessons with the teacher can focus on your fluency with simulations, conversation, and speaking exercises.
You have unlimited access to the elearning exercises, which cover General and Business English, as well as courses on English for specific sectors and skills. They integrate videos, writing exercises and professionally designed materials from major publishers.
The blended course option is included in all 6 month Coaching courses.
* Maintenance courses that have 5 or more participants can include the blended option for a small supplement of only € 15 per month.

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