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Business English in England & Ireland

An intensive individual Business English course with the teacher Individual lesson during a Premium course

The intensive business English courses in Ireland and England are designed specifically for managers and professionals who want to improve their English skills as rapidly as possible, focussing their course on speaking and using English in a business environment. The courses are held in Dublin and in York.


To develop your ability to:

  • use English with confidence in the office
  • take part in business meetings
  • hold informal and social conversations with international managers
  • speak on the telephone and participate in conference calls with ease
  • give powerful presentations
  • write clear and accurate reports and emails
  • improve your professional and Business English vocabulary

Course outline

All our intensive English courses include the following:

  • interactive and applied fluency practice to encourage you to express your opinions and ideas clearly and with confidence, integrating new vocabulary and idiomatic phrases, and incorporating more sophisticated and complex language structures
  • "During the course you don't learn just the language, but also the culture."
    Paolo Grazzi, Ferrara
    Technical Area Manager, Sefim Group

  • listening and reading practice to improve your understanding of documents and oral presentations on business and general topics
  • revision of any grammar points which require attention to improve use of the language
  • increasing the range of vocabulary related to business and social situations, to develop your ability to socialise in multicultural environments
  • role-plays are used in the lessons to simulate a wide variety of business situations such as presentations, negotiations, telephone calls and international meetings.

During the course you are always encouraged to actively express your ideas and opinions as you would in the office.

Business English topics available

English for Accounting & Finance, International Management, Human Resources, Legal English, Sales & Marketing, and Banking & Insurance.

Course programme

"I must say I was very pleased. The school and the teachers are very professional."
Mirco Angelini, Bologna
Sales Director, Tiscali

  • Classroom lessons
    Skills developed: speaking, comprehension, business communication skills
    The native English teachers try to reduce theoretical explanations to a minimum, in order to encourage you to actively participate in the learning and practice process. For example, a group lesson could include a debate on common business interests while an individual lesson could focus on a job interview role-play or the analysis of an industry-specific article. Case studies give you the opportunity to work on different projects together with other course participants. By researching, discussing and working as a group all of your language skills are used and developed.
  • Social activities
    Skills developed: communication skills, informal conversation practice
    You will have even more opportunities to practise what you have learnt in the classroom. A dinner with friends, or an evening at the theatre or pub is an enjoyable way of getting to know the other course participants and also the local culture.
  • Results achieved
    At the start of the course your language profile is evaluated for the main basic skills. We then determine your course objectives and create a study plan to achieve them. This means we do not waste time relearning language skills you already have, and on average you will increase the level of your English by 1 CEF level (PDF ) every 4 weeks. Please note that the higher your starting level, the more time is required for each level, and vice versa.
  • Course levels
    Group and individual courses are available at all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Starting dates and course duration
    Courses start every week on Monday, and last from 1 week to 4 weeks. You can start an individual course in any week, and group courses are programmed regularly during the entire year.

English in Ireland - Dublin

  • ISO 9001 certified and officially registered with the Irish Ministry of Education
  • Elegant Victorian building with a beautiful private garden
  • Free computer and internet access
  • 15 minutes from the city centre

English in England - York

  • Prestigious and well-renowned corporate English language school
  • Highly experienced, mature Business language teachers
  • Elegant Georgian building
  • Historic city centre with interesting attractions


More information on our range of intensive English courses for professionals and pricing details are available in our brochure Business English Courses in the UK and Ireland 2019 (PDF).


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