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Business English Courses for Companies

TJ Taylor develop personalised Business English language courses focused on your objectives and needs, based on an integrated client-consultancy approach, dedicated to producing measurable results, and tested against demanding standards of effectiveness and quality.

A range of individual, group, combined and workshop courses are available, with weekly, intensive or coaching formats:

Business English

Focused on improving fluency, confidence, and the appropriate expressions and style used in a business context, increasing employees' performance and productivity. Emphasis is on practical application including simulations and focused topics such as Finance, HR, Marketing, presentations, telephoning, emails, etc. Learn more »

Telephone & Videoconference Courses

Telephone lessons are flexible, personalised and very effective, helping you to speak English with increased fluency, better pronunciation, more confidence and a clearer accent. Ideal for professionals at all levels who need to improve fluency and listening comprehension on the telephone. Learn more »

Communication Skills in English

Intensive and highly focused skill- and sector-specific seminars and workshops to improve and perfect the use of English in a specific business context. Topics cover key managerial communication skills and a range of sectors, emphasising simulations, feedback and confidence-building. Learn more »

Blended Learning

Combining a range of learning channels and tools - face-to-face lessons, elearning exercises, virtual classrooms, telephone and email support - to offer increased flexibility, value-for-money and effectiveness compared to traditional classroom training, guided and supported by your native English teacher. Learn more »


Photo of Roberto Fatibene "A well-designed course, delivered with professionalism and skill by the trainer."
Roberto Fatibene, SAP Consultant, ADP Read more reviews »

All courses include advanced training support services to apply and promote the language learning process, including tutoring and coaching, on-demand help & resources, testing tools to measure the learning process, and accountable and insightful HR reporting.


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