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Language Services

Managing and developing the language skills of your people in a modern company goes beyond just courses. What happens before and after is also important.

The tools and services to guide your people and your investment are available as individual services below.

Maintaining progress

Photo of an individual course of Business English with the teacher

What happens after a course finishes? If you don't practice regularly, your progress will inevitably diminish, and the time and investment will be wasted.

This maintenance course provides regular, bite-size exercises after a course to consolidate and reinforce new skills.

Innovative performance support to protect your training investment and guarantee more durable results:

Maintain your English

Testing & assessment

The assessment stage of the training cycle

Our assessment service is designed for talent management, independent evaluation, recruitment and streaming, as well as for learner assessment before and after training.

Available online, by telephone and in person, level testing provides you with clear and reliable results for both oral and written communication, for active and passive skills.

Includes an analysis of skill gaps and a diagnostic report based on international benchmarks:

Level testing

Managed service provider

Part of the training cycle

Are you struggling with a patchwork of different schools, agencies and teachers to meet your company's language training needs? All with different reporting, procedures, and inconsistent progress?

As a neutral or master vendor we provide centralised training management, working alongside your current suppliers or recommending alternatives, to provide clear standards, unified reporting, cost control, and strong accountability.

You have many demands on your time, so let us make language training easier, better and faster:

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