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Research & New Ideas

Thought-provoking and inspiring articles and research papers highlighting innovation, best practice, new thinking and trends in corporate training, carefully chosen by our trainers.

Teaching Methods

A complete guide to the various language learning methods on the market. Learn about the facts, the myths, an explanation of what works, and how to spot snake oil.

Training ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator creates a simple enhanced productivity and cost savings calculation for a training intervention, and so helps you build a stronger investment case for T&D.


Our blog about learning English, with practical tips and lots of advice from experienced teachers. Includes guides to speaking, grammar and common Business English problems.

Industry Studies & Surveys

A curated selection of the most interesting and insightful corporate training industry and sector-specific studies, surveys and benchmarking reports.

Management Support

The support of line managers is a key and often overlooked influence on the success of a course. This questionnaire helps you identify and diagnose the impact of management support on learning and outcomes.

Language Tools

Collection of free language tools including an online translator, English dictionary with pronunciation guide, phrasal verb and idiom dictionaries, and a list of Italian-English false friends.

Interesting Links

A selection of the most interesting and authoritative professional training websites, magazines, blogs, and institutions of interest to trainers and training managers. Covers Europe, the US and Italy.


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