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Maintain your English with Language Snacks

English is difficult to learn, but easy to forget.

After your course work and daily life take over, and too soon your English is back to where you started.

You invested a lot of work and effort in your English course - how can you avoid wasting this?

How to maintain your English

English is similar to going to the gym: to maintain a good level you need regular exercise.

It is human nature to forget quickly what we have learnt, even after just a few hours. As Ebbinghaus demonstrated with his research into the forgetting curve, it is not enough to learn just once:

The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

Bitesize training for busy professionals

Maintaining your level and confidence with English needs repetition and practice. But it's not always easy to find time.

The solution is Language Snacks, a programme designed to help you practise your English with regular, bitesize exercises. Created specifically to maintain your progress after an English course, it fits easily around your work and life.

What are Language Snacks?

You will receive a series of short English exercises every two weeks by email, which can be done whenever and wherever you want.

"consolidate what you learnt in your course and refresh your confidence with English"

Simple, quick and effective, just like a snack.

In 5-10 minutes you will consolidate what you learnt in your course and refresh your confidence with English. Your new language skills can take root and blossom.

The exercises include:

  • general and Business English
  • useful vocabulary and phrases
  • resources to practise new language
  • tips and advice on English
  • reviews of grammar and phrasal verbs

The snacks are based on your level and the topics of your course, so they are focussed and interesting.

How does it work?

The programme lasts 12 months, and we send the exercises at a specific frequency.

The frequency is based on the spacing effect, the established psychological principle that means information is more easily memorised and recalled if it is reviewed at regular intervals over a period of time:

The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve with and without spaced review

  • practise with short, regular exercises
  • reinforce your English
  • maintain your confidence

For our clients

Language Snacks is the best way to protect and grow your investment in language training, ensuring that results and benefits last longer.

Also, it is completely free for all of our students and clients it is included in all our corporate and intensive language courses.

And for schools and companies

"available to other language schools under licence, and to companies as a service"

Language Snacks is a unique microlearning-based maintenance service for English, and it is available to other language schools under licence, and to companies as a service. Contact us for details and pricing.

To learn more about Language Snacks and our services for professionals and companies, call us on +39 02 4300 19075 or send us an email, with no obligation:

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