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Training ROI Calculator

The Training ROI (Return on Investment) calculator calculates cost savings as a result of a training intervention, and so enables you to set out an investment case for training. The calculator has been designed specifically for communication and language training courses.

The ROI calculator spreadsheet enables you to:

  • quantify savings due to a reduction in staff turnover
  • quantify savings and benefits due to an increase in staff productivity
  • calculate the payback period of a training investment.

Cost savings due to a reduction in personnel turnover and an increase in staff productivity are weighed against the cost of the training intervention, enabling you to build a business case for the training project.

The ROI calculator is a tool to help companies evaluate and choose training projects on the basis of effectiveness and cost, but should be used only as a rough guide and can not guarantee the success or impact of the training course.

» Download the ROI Calculator Excel spreadsheet

Size: 65 Kb. File opens in a new window, and is in Excel format.

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