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Useful Training Links

A selection of the most authoritative and interesting professional training websites, magazines, resources, blogs, and institutions in Europe, the US and Italy of interest to training managers, trainers and T&D professionals.

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    Corporate Training Magazines

  • Training+Development
    Online version of the ATD magazine, dedicated to training, strategy and knowledge management.
  • Trainingmag
    Magazine dedicated to management training.
  • Learning Solutions Magazine
    One of the first and most popular publications dedicated to e-learning and the application of technology to learning, published by The eLearning Guild.
  • eLearn Magazine
    Published by the ACM, an NGO founded in 1947 to provide education and training services to students, teachers and sector professionals.
  • Europe

  • ETDF/FEFD (also in French)
    European Training and Development Federation
  • Open Education Europa
    The European e-Learning portal, listing events, projects, and initiatives in progress in the EU member countries.
  • European Commission
    Section of the EU website dedicated to education and learning. Deals with life long learning, new technologies, European projects, documents and collaborations.
    Official site of the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Includes current projects, member organizations and terms of reference.
  • European glossary of distance learning
    European glossary on open and distance learning. Multilingual online glossary (French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and German).
  • USA

  • ATD
    Association for Training and Development. The largest association dedicated to training and company performance. Market analyzes, developments and trends.
    United States Distance Learning Association. Aims to promote e-Learning through partnerships and international collaborations.
  • ADLnet
    Advanced Distributed Learning. Consortium between government, industry and academia to develop a new learning paradigm and encourage interoperability of platforms and content.
    Non-profit organization aiming to transform the education sector though the use of IT.
  • The Masie Center
    Think tank founded by Elliott Masie as a virtual laboratory to explore and develop links between training and technology.
  • Brandon Hall
    The official site of the American e-Learning guru Brandon Hall. Includes information, documents and industry reviews.
  • Other Resources

  • Training Materials Search Engine
    Training-specific search engine for research, articles and materials selected by independent trainers, to help trainers find spam-free noncommercial training and learning resources such as reports, industry surveys, and training resources.
  • DLC Business Glossary
    A specialized business dictionary which is continually updated and focuses on definitions of Human Resources terms and business terms. Contains over 2,000 business terms used in compensation and benefits administration.
  • Italy

  • AIDP (in Italian)
    The Italian Association of Human Resource Executives
  • AIF (in Italian)
    The Italian Association of Trainers. Promotion of conferences and events in the public and private training sectors.
  • Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (in Italian)
    The official site of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.
  • ASFOR (in Italian)
    The Italian Association of Management Training. Promotion and development of management techniques and theory.
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