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How to Assess Management Support for Training

The support and buy-in of the participant's line manager is often the weakest link in delivering and using new learning. This leads to reduced performance and wasted investment.

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As training professionals how often do we come across the following scenario:

Great design and a promising start

  • the training needs analysis has identified a real and important skills gap
  • we have designed a focused course curriculum with well-designed content, achievable goals and measurable milestones
  • Only 23% of employ­ees believe that their managers encourage and make time for learning.
    Source: Towards Maturity Benchmark report

  • the internal marketing has brought a group of participants who are enthusiastic and committed

The hidden problem

But after the course we notice:

  • attendance and time commitment during the course dropped off
  • there is little or no evidence of the new skills and learning being applied back on the job
  • quite a few last minute cancellations came in before the first session.

When we market courses and select participants we sometimes overlook the influence of this key stakeholder: the Line Manager.

Tackling the problem

We have designed a free tool to help you or your Training Department assess and quantify the level of managerial support and buy-in, either for a specific course or for training in general.

"The questionnaire can be used pro-actively and/or as a filter in the selection of partici­pants."

The results can be used pro-actively in the marketing of a course, or of the benefits of training in general, and/or as a filter in the selection of partici­pants in order to focus spending on the maximum impact.

The management support questionnaire was originally created for our language training clients, but can be modified and customized for any other area or focus. Details on how to use, modify, distribute and assess the information are included on the first sheet of the Excel file.

The basic version of the questionnaire is available below as a free download, and if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement you are very welcome to contact us.


Download the Management Support Questionnaire

Opens in new window, Excel spreadsheet File opens in a new window, in Excel format.

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