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Our Locations

We deliver language courses at the offices of our clients throughout northern and central Italy, with the majority of courses in Rome and Milan.

Intensive full immersion courses are held in Dublin and London at our partner schools, and our online courses and skill seminars are available anywhere in Europe.

Our corporate offices in Milan
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Our teachers come to you

We specialise in language training for companies and professionals, and so our trainers come to your offices, saving you time and stress.

Our main office is in Milan and our teachers are present throughout Italy, from Turin to Trieste, from Bergamo and Como to Rome and Bologna.

We are not a traditional school that is open to the public, so we don't normally deliver courses at our offices in Milan.

With one central point of contact

Map with the location of our office in Milan

All client support, sales and coordination is handled by our corporate office in Milan, so you have clear communication, unified reporting and strong accountability.

Viale Bianca Maria 24
20129 Milan
Tel. +39 02 430019075


If you would like to discuss your training needs at one or more locations, or if you have an office that is not covered on the map above, call us on +39 02 4300 19075 or send us a message, with no obligation:

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