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Language training experts with a strong business background

The skill and experience of the language teacher has a large impact on the success of your training course. For this reason at TJ Taylor we invest a large amount of time and effort in our recruitment process in order to hire and retain experienced and results-focused training professionals of the calibre that our clients expect and deserve.

"Excellent teacher. Excellent school. Very professional. Truly useful compared to many other courses. Absolutely recommended."
Sabrina Fenoglio, HR Manager, LVMH

All our teachers are native English speakers, hold a minimum of a CELTA or equivalent TEFL qualifi­cation, and have substantial experience in language and communication training in the corporate sector.

The average age of our trainers is 36 and they are often chosen specifically for each client based on their industry experience and any special sector- or skill-specific knowledge required.

A lesson where the teacher is speaking with 2 students
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How are you different from the rest?

Your corporate language course will be delivered by motivated, expert teachers because TJ Taylor has 4 distinct advantages:

  • We operate exclusively in the corporate language training sector, so our teachers are specialised corporate professionals, with substantial direct experience in business and corporate training. This means that we are able to understand and focus on your specific communication needs and problems, and produce results in a demanding business environment.
  • We are not an agency the majority of our trainers are fulltime, which means we can provide better customer service, as well as the resources and expertise to tailor the course design and delivery to your exact needs.
  • 24% of language schools in Italy have an annual teacher turnover of 90% or higher*. Our turnover is just under one third the industry average.
    * Source: Federlingue Industry Survey

  • The ability to attract and retain expert corporate trainers despite the normally high level of turnover and relocation in the language training industry due to:
    - an excellent reputation among professional career teachers
    - an interesting compensation package, including a partnership structure for high performers
    - genuine support for CPD and an openness to new ideas and techniques
    - a culture of transparency, responsibility and accountability
  • All our English teachers have access to CPD materials, free membership of respected industry associations, and numerous opportunities to develop their training skills, language expertise, and further their personal development. We are also often among the first to integrate new approaches and technology into course design and delivery

Transparent, credible and approachable

Example of a corporate trainer profile

We believe that the first lesson of your course should not be the first time you meet the teacher. During the design and level assessment phases of the course, it is the teacher that carries out the interviews and gets to know the participants (where possible, based on course size and grouping).

Also, both the client and the participants receive a profile of their trainer before the course starts, as well as email and telephone contact details.

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