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Partnership Opportunities for Language Schools

We work with language schools and training companies throughout Italy and Europe that need a local language training partner in Milan and the region of Lombardy.

Opportunities for Teachers

Our assets truly are our people, and our firm reflects this in its structure and in the prospects for career growth. To learn more visit our page on partnership opportunities for teachers.

Partnering with Schools and Training Companies

Partnering with TJ Taylor is a reliable and easy way to deliver your language courses in Milan and the surrounding area.

We have demonstrably high teaching standards, excellent service and quality control, and we can even operate under your brand, as if our teachers were your teachers - providing a true white label service.

Photo of Giuseppe Ruggieri "We outsourced to TJ Taylor all the courses at the Milan office of our most important client. Having previously worked with other schools, TJ Taylor has exceeded all our expectations in every aspect: reporting, teaching methodology, the skill and professionalism of all the three teachers that worked there on our behalf, approach, and all the administration."
Giuseppe Ruggieri
Managing Director, MasterPrep Italy

We can also help you deliver financed courses.

As school managers and owners, when we are asked to deliver a course in a new city or area, we have 3 options: say no, try to recruit a freelance teacher in a new market, or partner with an independent language school in that area.

Over the years we have partnered with 5 language schools and training companies in Italy, the UK and Ireland. There are 5 reasons we believe that partnership works better than trying to find local freelance teachers:

  • Trust and reliability - as a company we are held to rigorous standards in terms of non-compete, non-poaching and confidentiality clauses, and we're able to guarantee higher service levels than a freelance teacher because we can handle the risks associated with teacher illness, holidays, and the inevitable turnover, etc., as well as quality control and local support on the ground.

  • A strong economic case - most of our teachers are full time and salaried, rather than paid per hour. We are not simply adding a mark-up. Through partnership with other reputable schools we increase our volume of teaching hours, and so increase the productivity of our teaching staff, who represent a fixed cost.
    This means we offer a favourable comparison with the rates of (professional) freelance teachers in the Milan area.

  • Better teachers - many of the best long-term, professional teachers are still informed by word of mouth from colleagues and friends. Our employer branding and good reputation amongst local teachers means we can recruit the best teachers and so you and your clients have the best teachers.

  • The complete package - we can provide a complete turnkey solution for reporting, testing and follow up, as well as working with the reporting systems of other language schools.

  • A mutual partnership - commissioning courses doesn't only happen in one direction. When we have courses in other cities, we naturally prefer to work with our existing partners.


"a trusted mutual relationship and a promise to treat each other's clients with respect, probity and the highest standards of professionalism"

We all understand that our reputation is too valuable to risk a bad recruitment mistake, especially if the courses are far away and in an unfamiliar market.

Partnering with TJ Taylor means a trusted mutual relationship and a promise to treat each other's clients with respect, probity and the highest standards of professionalism, so you have a happy client, and a bit less course management to worry about.

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