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Logos of some of our customers We've been training business professionals since 2003 so, naturally, people talk. Find out what our clients and course participants are saying about us:


"Very well structured course, valuable for the development of my professional role. Very experienced and competent trainers."
Mario Paparozzi, Senior Analyst, Cargeas Insurance
Corporate group course


Photo of Francesco Barraco

"I really appreciated the course, because of the flexible approach and the content, which was well aligned with my needs. The teacher and the method certainly made all the difference compared other courses. I would gladly do it again."
Francesco Barraco, Head of Internal Audit, Banca Generali
Individual coaching in-company


Photo of Sabrina Fenoglio

"Excellent teacher. Excellent school. Very professional. Truly useful compared to many other courses. Absolutely recommended."
Sabrina Fenoglio
HR Manager, LVMH
Individual Business English course


"I must admit that I have never loved English, in general nor even other languages, so I wasn't enthusiastic about doing a course. Still, I had to do it for my work. But this time, because of the professionalism of the teacher and her energy and passion for the subject, it was much less difficult - indeed I was almost happy to participate in the course. I have to say that I was completely satisfied with the improvement I made, and also surprised to find myself enjoying learning English, something that has never happened before."
Massimiliano Inama, IT Manager, Shiseido
Corporate group course


Photo of Ilaria Michielin

"Great communication, great service, great teacher! I really appreciated the personalisation of the course, the 'homework', and how the teachers made the students feel comfortable and at ease."
Ilaria Michielin, HR Business Partner, ADP
Individual course online


Photo of Marco Ravelli

"I worked with Alex and his team for almost a year to make my team ready for an international project where communication was very important. His strong customer focus and his flexibility to adapt the original plan to new needs made him able to manage the complex project and reach the objective. It was a pleasure to work with TJ Taylor, and the project was successful thanks also to Alex and his team!"
Marco Ravelli, Supply Chain Manager Italy, Groupe Hamelin
In-company individual courses


"Great. I had a very good rapport with the teacher, who planned all the sessions of the course to my needs. I have improved my English in various areas and I find it easier to understand texts and videos. The online platform and tools were effective, and allowed me to follow the lessons without any problems except for a few rare cases probably caused by my home network. I have nothing negative to say, congratulations."
Fabio Caffi, Senior Director, ObjectWay
Individual coaching online


Photo of Monica Bernabei

"It was a very productive course with relevant content, adapted to my personal and professional needs. My teacher was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I will start another course as soon as possible."
Monica Bernabei, Head of European Cloud & Software Marketing, Tech Data
360 Plus assessment & individual coaching online


Photo of Carlo Bertoncello

"I have previously attended a few different courses in Padua, my home town. None of them was comparable to the highly professional and personalised approach of TJ Taylor. Needless to say, the success of the school is reflected in the quality of its teachers. For this reason, I must thank especially [teacher name], who is an enthusiastic, passionate, patient, sometimes strict (for good reasons), highly professional and adaptive teacher. But, most of all, a beautiful person who it has been a pleasure to work with. So I would certainly recommend TJ Taylor to anybody who is looking for a professional English course."
Carlo Bertoncello, Manager, Bernoni Grant Thornton
Individual Business English course


"In my opinion the course was very good, and well structured. The teacher was very helpful, knowledgeable, and well prepared. The parts of the lessons on oral comprehension and speaking were also very good."
Davide Priore, Business Analyst, Luxottica
In-company group course


Photo of Lucia Guarino

"The course was very useful, providing us with an overview of the cultures we interact with the most, and giving us the keys to interpret the various cultural differences. The part on cultural value lenses was particularly interesting as it gives me a frame of reference to understand the behaviour and habits of my work colleagues in other countries."
Lucia Guarino, Associate Director Southern Europe &, PubMatic
Cross Cultural Awareness and Communication


Photo of Claudia Carnevali

"The two courses 'English Communication Skills for International Sales and Commerce' and 'English Communication Skills for International Tourism' which TJ Taylor developed and customised for the specific requirements of the companies in our region, have received very positive feedback. The participants were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and helpful approach of the teacher, who has the ability to communicate the technical and linguistic knowledge, applying it to relevant business scenarios in an expert and engaging manner, while creating a pleasant atmosphere conducive to discussion and debate among the participants."
Claudia Carnevali, Head of Internationalisation, Chamber of Commerce of Aosta
Business Communication Skills seminars


"I received a great welcome and I was very happy with the teachers, who were professional and sensitive to my needs and my 'learning times'. I will treasure my time with [teacher names], at a professional and a personal level. In addition, I achieved my main objective of speaking English better, and this has helped me get a new job. Yesterday I had my first meeting entirely in English and I performed well in understanding and in presenting my opinions, to my own and also my new boss's great satisfaction. In the future I will certainly recommend your company to all my friends and colleagues."
Stefano Vallese, Corporate ICT Director
Executive intensive course in Dublin


Photo of Luigi Dattilo

"I attended an individual course recommended by Alex Taylor for 15 days, and I want to say that I had a really wonderful experience. My teachers met my expectations and delivered an interesting and high-quality course, with great kindness and emotional intelligence."
Luigi Dattilo, Chairman, Appennino Food Group SpA
Executive intensive course in Dublin


"I am extremely happy and satisfied - thanks to my teacher I managed to gain confidence with English and overcome my anxiety."
Vanessa Maggi, Personal Assistant, Beiersdorf
Individual Business English course


Photo of Cristina Muccioli

"I was looking for a place and for people who could understand the special nature of my interests, which would allow me to practise and improve my English in the areas that are most useful and interesting to me. I found this and more - not just professionalism but recognition and sensitivity, attention and flexibility in managing the time in class, identifying my language weaknesses and creating a tangible and specific path to improve them. The high quality of the teaching has allowed me to make real progress in a short time it requires a lot of effort, in return for theirs, but it is absolutely worth it."
Cristina Muccioli, Professor of Communication Ethics, Brera Academy of Fine Arts
Executive intensive course in Dublin


"The course was brilliant. Initially I was sceptical about an online course, but after the first lessons I soon changed my mind. I now think this type of course is excellent, also because I use English mostly for calls. The success of the course was also thanks to the teacher, and as the lessons were individual and not in a group, it meant that the course was personalised to my specific needs."
Manuel Fontana, ERCA SpA, Bergamo
Online English coaching


Photo of Luciano Morganti

"It was a pleasure for me to attend this course, which has given me more confidence. I think the method used by TJ Taylor is the best I've ever seen in my (short) experience. A special thank you to my teacher, who has been very patient with me. I hope to see you again soon for the next course."
Luciano Morganti, Operations Manager Italy, Sonae Sierra
Individual coaching in-company


"The course was first and foremost very practical, and that it was customised to everyone's needs made it more beneficial compared to other courses. In 10 lessons I have improved a lot. The teachers were experienced and mindful of the objectives I wanted to reach, so the lessons were targeted, and even enjoyable. 100% positive feedback, especially for the teachers."
Chiara Guarneri, E-commerce & Omnichannel Manager, Ermenegildo Zegna
Individual coaching in-company


Photo of Andrea Cicia

"I attended an intensive English course in Dublin for 1 week and, despite the short time I had available, the organization of the course and the teachers was very efficient and beneficial. The teachers were very helpful and tailored the course to my specific needs."
Andrea Cicia, Head of Financial Markets Research, Orrick
Executive intensive course


"The course was very positive. The quality of the supporting documents could be improved."
Filippo Maculan, UX Product Designer, Neosurance
Corporate group course


Photo of Ivan Rossi

"The course was focused on my professional needs, and improved my use of English by filling many of the gaps. In particular, my listening comprehension and speaking fluency have improved significantly."
Ivan Rossi, Head of Foreign Department, Extrabanca SpA
Individual coaching in-company


"A well-structured course. I was impressed by both the course content and the trainer, who was extremely good at balancing the lessons well, making them very interesting."
Edoardo Esposito, Head of Technology Innovation, A2A
International Presentation Skills


Photo of Mirco Angelini

"I must say I was very pleased. The school and the teachers are very professional."
Mirco Angelini
Sales Manager, Tiscali
Premium intensive course in Dublin


The best part of the course was the time dedicated to sharing professional experiences, through which I acquired new vocabulary and expressions that are now very useful in my work. I think that the only aspect that could be improved is the scheduling - in my opinion, rather than two lessons of two hours each week, it would be better to have one hour lessons but at least 3-4 times a week in order to give continuity to the activities that make up the course."
Loretta Armillei, Purchasing Department, Luxottica
In-company group course


Photo of Luca Vismara

"The course is very good. However, I think it requires effort and a commitment to study at home, which I could keep up only for a limited period due to a lack of time."
Luca Vismara, Sales Manager,
Corporate group course


"The course is going very well and I'm extremely satisfied with [name of teacher], both in terms of the methodology used and her expertise."
Andrea Caporaso, Chartered Accountant
Individual Business English course


Photo of Giuseppe Ruggieri

"We outsourced to TJ Taylor all the courses at the Milan office of our most important client. Having previously worked with other schools, TJ Taylor has exceeded all our expectations in every aspect: reporting, teaching methodology, the skill and professionalism of all the three teachers that worked there on our behalf, approach, and all the administration."
Giuseppe Ruggieri, Managing Director, MasterPrep Italy


"During the course you don't learn just the language, but also the culture."
Paolo Grazzi, Technical Area Manager, Sefim Group
Intensive course in Dublin


Photo of Roberto Fatibene

"A well-designed course, delivered with professionalism and skill by the trainer."
Roberto Fatibene
SAP Consultant, ADP
Business English mini-group course


"Which were the best parts of the course? The teacher's true professionalism and skill in helping us speak English, on a wide range of topics, in such a way as to stimulate us to acquire a command of the English language, and to use it with confidence. I would also like to highlight the teacher's patience in encouraging and motivating us in our learning schedule. Well done!"
Vito Minafra, Engineering Team Manager, Present SpA
In-company group course


98% of our clients rate us positively

Results of participant feedback questionnaires between 2016 and 2021


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