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Choosing the best type of language course for your company's needs is not easy.

To help, the comparison table below summarises the features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing information for each of our training programs, as well as some recommendations.

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& in-company
Online live Blended courses Intensive courses in Ireland & UK

Recommended for

...focussed... ...speaking... ...efficient... ...rapid...

Not for

...too busy... ...large groups... support... ...workaholics...

Group, combo or individual


customised 10+ hours 3+ months 1-12 weeks


from €1515 from €462 from €1025 from €830

Expert trainers

Customised content



Flexible scheduling

Minimum level

all levels all levels all levels all levels

Number of participants

1-100+ 1-100+ 5-100+ 1-50

Maintenance programme

Insightful reporting


Cancellation policy

24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 30 days

Time to activate course

1-2 weeks 24 hours 1-4 weeks 2-3 weeks /
6 in summer

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