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Applied Business English Courses

Our Business English courses will improve your confidence when speaking and communicating in English with other native and non-native English speakers in a business context.

You will develop and refine your written communication skills as well as expand and enhance your vocabulary and fluency.

An individual Business English course with the teacher An individual lesson during an in-company course

The course focuses on real business situations and topics that professionals and managers encounter in their professional life, when they need to communicate clearly and powerfully - when they need to concentrate on what they are saying, not on how to say it in English.

Our Business English programs are designed to produce verifiable results and real improvements in your English fluency and comprehension, with a strong focus on personalization, client satisfaction and consultation.

The course combines lessons given by a qualified native English trainer with constant support and advice from our tutors, helping you develop the confidence, skills and structure you need to succeed in an international business environment.


The course will improve your communication in a business context, and extend your active vocabulary and expressions, sector terminology, as well as covering more general English topics and skills that are useful in a professional context.

"Very well structured course, valuable for the development of my professional role. Very experienced and competent trainers."
Mario Paparozzi
Internal Auditor, UBI Assicurazioni

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The course covers the following language communication skills, that are further defined after a Training Needs Analysis in consultation with the client:

  • Speaking with Clients and Colleagues - to develop clear and powerful communication skills and in particular how to alter the 'tone' and 'register' of what you say.
  • Case Studies - use and application of specific realistic situations faced by professionals in your sector to extend vocabulary and practice all four English communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). These skills are practiced and refined using authentic case studies in areas such as sales & marketing, HR, law, product management, insurance, strategy & management, banking & finance, or accounting.
  • Function and Form - to add language flexibility and accuracy e.g. specific areas of vocabulary and synonyms, coaching in grammar and structure.
  • Effective Telephoning, Meetings and Conference Calls - to increase spoken confidence and listening comprehension with native and non-native speakers of English. This part of the course also includes interpersonal skills training, e.g. Effective Presentations, Negotiation Skills and Intercultural Awareness.
  • Correspondence and Reports - clear writing styles and reading comprehension for email, reports and other business documents in English.

To see an example of a course curriculum we have designed and customized for one of our clients, download the following: Business English - Purchasing & Sales (PDF).

A group lesson with the teacher and 2 students
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"It was a pleasure for me to attend this course, which has given me more confidence. I think the method used by TJ Taylor is the best I've ever seen in my (short) experience. A special thank you to my teacher, who has been very patient with me."
Luciano Morganti
Operations Manager Italy, Sonae Sierra

We believe the result of any English language course should be an improvement not only in your knowledge of English, but more importantly, in your application and use of the language: to speak and communicate in English confidently, whether in a meeting, on the telephone, giving a presentation, or writing an email.

The fastest and most effective method to develop confidence and accuracy is 'learning by doing'.

The lessons with the teacher not only deal with practicing and correcting expression and style, the use of vocabulary and of grammar, but also emphasize the application of English to real business situations and to your job through simulations, case studies, role-plays and authentic materials.


The Business English course consists of three parts:

  • Face-to-face training: Our qualified native English trainers make extensive use of role-plays, simulations and practice exercises. Small group or individual lessons focus on increasing your confidence and accuracy when you need to manage meetings, presentations and conference calls in English. Every lesson develops, applies and perfects your pronunciation and fluency, as well as improving your comprehension of native and non-native English accents.

  • Coaching & English Helpdesk: A qualified Business English coach provides support and guidance during the course, answering questions on the appropriate professional use of English, the course content and study techniques.
    The coach also acts as a personal assistant for English, helping with proof-reading and correcting reports and emails, and developing your understanding of the different cultural perspectives and expectations involved in international business relationships in English.
  • For assessing language levels we follow the CEFR standards (Common European Framework of Reference), which was created by the European Commission to provide transparent competency levels for evaluating and comparing language training. Learn more about the CEFR language levels (PDF).

  • Testing and Certification: The measurement of current and target language abilities is key to the learning process. The first part of all courses include an entrance test, an individual interview, and the personalization of the course content to meet the client's exact objectives.
    This is followed up at mid and/or end-course with a comprehensive evaluation of the communication abilities of each participant, and a course completion certificate.


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