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Online Business English Courses

  • Do you need to increase your confidence and fluency when speaking English?
  • Do you have specific needs and objectives?
  • Do you use English for telephone and video calls?

Online Business English courses with a live teacher are a flexible and very effective way to improve your listening, pronunciation and speaking.

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Your live video lessons with an expert native English teacher will increase your confidence and fluency, with coaching to develop your speaking skills in real Business English situations.

What are the advantages?

Flexible and convenient - to fit busy schedules
  • Schedule your lessons when you want between 8am and 8pm, with a reserved weekly slot, or week-by-week
  • Short lessons that are easy to schedule, and you don't waste time travelling or waiting
  • Learn from your laptop, tablet or mobile

Expert teachers - to learn from the best
    Photos of some of our teachers
  • Live video lessons with the best native English teachers. Our online teachers are qualified experts with an average of over 10 years' teaching experience.
  • A communicative approach, focussing on your fluency, pronunciation and Business English
  • Your teacher can help you with specific language problems in Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, Sales and other sectors

Individual, personalised lessons - to speak with confidence
  • Live online lessons encourage you to speak and express yourself clearly
  • Interactive lessons that focus exclusively on you, with a course programme designed around you and your objectives
  • Work on your documents and real business topics - with simulations and coaching we will help you prepare for your call or presentation in English

Certified results - to show your progress
  • From beginner to advanced, your individual private lessons include a progress or level test to measure your achievement, plus a report with teacher feedback
  • Level certificate, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile
  • All the materials and teacher notes are saved in your personal classroom, so you can return at any time to review, print or download and keep them

Aren't traditional face-to-face lessons better?

"Initially I was sceptical about an online course, but after the first lessons I soon changed my mind. I now think this type of course is excellent, also because I use English mostly for calls."
Manuel Fontana
ERCA SpA, Bergamo

We offer both face-to-face and online English courses. If you want to focus on your speaking and listening, our experience has shown us that live online courses produce faster results.

This is because body language is reduced, you are obliged to communicate through speaking and listening, and online lessons are shorter so concentration is higher. The result is you make progress and build confidence more quickly with online lessons than with face-to-face lessons.

Interactive individual lessons

Teacher smiling during an online lesson
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Your friendly online English teacher helps you improve your pronunciation, listening and speaking, and also how best to use English in real business situations and in your job.

Work together on a shared writing exercise to get feedback and polish your report. Or understand how culture influences your language to communicate better with your international colleagues. Or practise with simulations to gain confidence for your telephone and video calls.

How do the lessons work?

"The course was focused on my professional needs, and improved my use of English by filling many of the gaps. In particular, my listening comprehension and speaking fluency have improved significantly."
Ivan Rossi
Head of Foreign Department, Extrabanca

Your online Business English course starts with mapping your needs - we assess your level of English, your objectives, and your priorities.

Your teacher designs a personalised course programme around your exact needs - for example, to improve your fluency, Business English, writing, pronunciation, or any combination.

  • You log in and enter your personal classroom where your live online teacher will guide you with interactive, individual lessons in a friendly and safe environment, on your PC, tablet or mobile.
  • As well as live video, you have an interactive whiteboard for explanations, notes, videos, and the digital lesson materials your teacher has chosen for you.
  • After the lesson you can review, download or print the lesson materials, or ask your teacher a follow-up question. We are always available to help.
  • Your lessons are individual, so your teacher continually adapts the course to your progress and needs. And if your schedule changes, you can cancel up to 24 hours before with no cost or penalty.
  • At the end of your course we assess your progress, and you receive a report with your level, feedback from your teacher, and a certificate, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile.


After your course we don't just abandon you. All courses include our maintenance service for 12 months to keep your new language skills fresh and alive.

Examples of lesson activities in the online classroom on PC, tablet and mobile phone

"I wasn't enthusiastic about doing a course. Still, I had to do it for my work. But this time, because of the professionalism of the teacher and her energy and passion for the subject, it was much less difficult. I was completely satisfied with the improvement I made, and also surprised to find myself enjoying learning English, something that has never happened before."
Massimiliano Inama
IT Manager, Shiseido

Easy course management

All corporate courses include stress-free course management. We can handle coordination, set-up and scheduling, and provide regular progress reporting on the participants' skill gaps, motivation, levels, and progress.

Weekly or intensive, blended or on-demand

Schedule weekly lessons, or create an intensive course - tell us your needs and we'll organise a schedule that meets your objectives.

What about a language helpdesk for your company? Help your employees overcome any language problems, on demand, with our flexible support service. Ask us for more details.

Our blended courses integrate live online lessons with interactive digital learning to extend and reinforce the learning experience, to give more space to practise vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and listening. Your online teacher guides you, provides feedback, and helps you apply new language during the live lessons.

Online English lessons can also be integrated with a face-to-face or intensive course to offer a more flexible learning experience.

Plans and pricing

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3 months€ 154per month

6 months€ 149per month

3 months€ 279per month


10 hours
in 3 months

20 hours
in 6 months

20 hours
in 3 months

Expert native English teachers

Personalised content and programme

Certificate and progress report

Minimum level

all levels all levels all levels

Maintenance service for 12 months

Course management and reporting

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