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Blended English Courses

Why blended?

Blended English language courses offer you the advantages of classroom-based training integrated with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of elearning, combining group learning and discussion, self-study, interactive learning and individual tutoring with qualified professional English teachers.


Explanation showing a lesson with the teacher and an elearning exercise

Course objectives

"Integrating online study with lessons in person or by telephone with a qualified native English teacher, to learn better and with more flexibility."

Blended learning courses are designed to improve the participant's use of English in all four language areas including fluency and comprehension.

The elearning part of the learning cycle expands and enriches the participant's knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, and improves reading and listening comprehension.

Participants improve their fluency through applied simulations, conversation, and skills workshops with native English language trainers - in the classroom or by telephone, with virtual classroom or email support.

How can a blended English course help us?

  • Effectiveness and Productivity - optimize the learning process
    • more time available with the trainer for fluency practice and consolidation of new learning through role-plays
    • 360 degree learning and practice of each skill in a realistic business context
    • more emphasis on applying new language to the client's business and sector.
  • Flexibility - adapt the course to your work schedule and demands
    • shorter, more powerful learning sessions
    • a personalized learning curve and adapting the pace to each individual's needs and abilities.
  • Innovation - improve the training process
    • powerful and insightful progress monitoring and reporting
    • higher student motivation and participation
    • stimulating high-quality interactive content and bespoke classroom role-plays.

So how does it work?

The course integrates classroom or telephone coaching lessons with a qualified English language teacher with online study to improve the participant's application of new learning and their confidence in using English.

The training focuses on the specific objectives of each individual and the development of new, relevant skills, using an initial Training Needs Analysis to recommend a personalized learning path, while providing the participant and the HR Department with measurable and documented progress statistics.

The elearning part of the blended learning course allows the participant to choose which topics to focus on according to their individual strengths and weaknesses in comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, etc. Participants can also choose to specialize in Business English or General English, or a personalised combination of both.

To see some example online exercises, click on the image below:

Screenshot of an example online exercise
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Personalizing the learning cycle

The first part of the course concentrates on testing, induction, and tailoring the course to the individual needs of each participant.

The second part is divided into two streams - didactic and application/practice. The didactic stream means every participant can:

  • study at their own pace due to the flexibility of the elearning course
  • practise and perfect new concepts with a qualified English teacher
  • receive feedback and reminders from the lesson follow-up

The application/practice stream reinforces and builds confidence in the participant's use of the English language through role-plays, conversation, skills workshops and debates. The lessons with the teacher are designed to focus on specific Business English situations and/or general English language skills.

The skills workshops can be adapted to deliver specialized client- or sector-specific training, as well as communication skills training on topics such as International Presentations, Clear Communication, Negotiations in English, Working in International Teams, Understanding and Writing Legal Documents, etc.


The learning cycle of a blended learning English course

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Progress reporting

TJ Taylor Training provides constant up-to-date reporting to the HR department and participants to monitor progress, resolve problems and to improve learning performance - and so maximize your training investment.


Our Blended English courses have been designed to deliver cost-effective, flexible and didactically rigorous language training.

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