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Financial Reporting in English

The Financial Reporting seminar will provide you with the language, communication skills and confidence to deliver high quality financial presentations and reports.

This course is designed for financial executives, managers and professionals working in international business, and requires at least an intermediate level of English.

A session with the trainer
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"deliver high quality financial presentations and reports in English, with confidence and impact"

You will be guided by an experienced Financial English trainer who was previously Vice-President of Finance, with role-plays, case studies and video feedback.

Corporate closed group or individual courses can be held off-site, or at your offices anywhere in Europe or the Middle East.

What you will Learn

Financial presentations and reports are important communication activities where language use and confidence is key.

It's not only important to minimize potentially embarassing misunderstandings and dangerous errors, but also to interpret, to develop and to explain a convincing message with data and trends.

"interpret, develop and explain a powerful and convincing message with data"

The course covers both the language and communication skills you need to create and present business and financial reports. You will:

  • develop confidence in presenting information and data
  • create clear and effective reports
  • enrich your technical vocabulary and the phrasing used to explain results
  • write and speak more clearly and accurately, to build credibility
  • learn practical tips and techniques

The course is modular, so you can focus on internal reporting only, covering budgets, trends and key metrics, or both internal and external reporting, including a simulated earnings release.

An Expert Trainer

Photo of Michele, Financial English Language Trainer based in Milan Michele, Trainer
Michele was previously Vice President of Finance & Controller for several US & international organizations in the banking, education, advertising, internet and manufac­turing sectors, at both publically listed and private companies.

In 2011 she obtained her CELTA teaching qualification and launched a new career teaching Business English in Milan, Italy.

Michele grew up in the United States and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in Business Management & Accounting. Through­out her 12 years in finance in Pittsburgh and San Francisco she developed an appreciation and skill for mentoring and training, and enjoys helping others by sharing her knowledge and experience in finance and accounting, as well as how to work internationally and communicate effectively at executive level.


Your skills will be developed and refined with simulations, which are also video-recorded for analysis and feedback. The emphasis is on active and reflective learning, and individual coaching is available for extended study.

We carry out a pre-course assessment and needs analysis so we can adapt to fit your sector. The course can be customised for bankers, accountants, tax consultants or internal auditors, and we encourage you to bring your business documents and previous presentations to help apply the new learning during role-plays.


The complete Financial Reporting in English course lasts 2.5 days, covering internal and external reporting, or 2 days if focused on internal reporting only.

The course includes practical advice on how to:

  • use technical language to discuss metrics and forecasts
  • pronounce and use numbers clearly to eliminate potential misunderstandings
  • describe past, present and future performance
  • analyse and explain statistics and charts
  • deliver conclusions with impact


  • Day 1: Fundamentals
    • Internal versus external reporting, users and analysis
    • Vocabulary building and common terms
    • Budgets and forecasts, including making assumptions and predictions, analysing, and using key metrics

  • Day 2: Finance and Results
    • Financial analysis, including describing trends and an earnings release video
    • Reporting results: summarizing and explaining, making comparisons, and describing trends using graphs and charts
    • Role-plays of these activities with video feedback

  • Day 3: Forecasts and Simulations
    • Reporting results continued: making predictions, and role-play
    • Complete simulated conference call or meeting
    • Individual and group feedback / team coaching


For more details about the activities and schedule, see the complete Financial Reporting in English programme (PDF).

Format Options

There are 2 seminar formats, both of which can also include extended study and individual coaching after the course:

  • Corporate closed group - we are able to run the seminar not only in Milan, but at your offices anywhere in Europe or the Middle East, or off-site. The programme and content can be customised together with the client.

  • Individual intensive - these courses can be booked at any time, subject to availability, and can be customised for a specific objective or assignment, both on-site or residential. We recommend three consecutive days, followed up with spaced coaching sessions, but training can be arranged according to your schedule.


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