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Legal English for Lawyers

Our Legal English courses are designed for practising lawyers and corporate advisors working internationally who want to improve their spoken and written English communication skills.

The course is delivered by a specialist English language trainer with substantial legal expertise as well as training experience, and includes discussions, case studies, simulations and networking opportunities.

Courses are held both in-company at your offices - throughout Europe and the Middle East - or in London, and require a good intermediate level of English.

Core Content

"Speak with more confidence and impact, write with more accuracy, and reason with more cultural understanding."

Legal professionals need to use language precisely, and understand the exact meaning and context when speaking, reading or writing.

All lessons are based within a legal context and will extend your active vocabulary of specific legal terms. The key areas you will focus on throughout the course are:

  • Practice writing activities - including writing advices, drafting specific clauses, and drafting agreements and contracts.
  • Speaking with clients - to develop clear and powerful communication skills and how to alter your 'tone' and 'register'.
  • Problem solving - understanding/analysing commercial and contractual materials, and the preparation and delivery of an oral presentation on a specific commercial transaction.
  • Oral practice files - as part of the simulation exercises you will receive a complete file which contains memos, extracts of documents and various correspondence, in order to:
    • prepare a written 'brief' to specific questions
    • present the answers orally to a 'board of directors' and
    • the board will also ask you questions, assisted by the trainer
  • Effective telephoning and conference calls analysing what causes problems in listening comprehension for non-native English speakers and help to overcome these difficulties.

These skills are developed using authentic case studies in areas such as Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, EU and Competition Law, Employment Law and Capital Markets.

The content can be customised to your sector and professional role, and you are encouraged to bring and use real documents and non-confidential correspondence during the course.

An Expert Legal English Trainer

Photo of Mr Veneziano, Legal English trainer Mr Veneziano, Trainer

Mr Veneziano is an Australian lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the High Court of Australia, and is now based in Italy, between Rome and Milan.

He has practised in commercial, taxation and company law in various Sydney law firms as an associate and partner, as in-house counsel with a multinational company and a federal bank, as well as 18 years as a Senior Lecturer at the College of Law in Australia and at the City University of Hong Kong.

He graduated in Law from the University of Sydney in 1974 and was also awarded an LL.M (Master of Laws), majoring in International Taxation and International Trade Law, with a thesis on China.

Example Programme

The standard course content and programme before special requests and client customisation lasts 3-5 days, integrating the practice activities listed above:

  • Day 1: Fundamentals
    • Introduction to the practice of a corporate common law lawyer
    • Relationship between statute law and common law
    • Introduction to commercial legal drafting
    • Analysis of structure and drafting language of relevant commercial agreements including: shareholders' agreement, partnerships, commercial unit trusts, insurance policy agreements, sale and purchase of shares agreements, guarantees & letters of comfort.

  • Day 2: Contracts
    • Principles of commercial/contract law
    • Understanding commercial legal clauses
    • Drafting and negotiating a commercial contract

  • Day 3: Corporate Law
    • Introduction to business organizations: companies, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures
    • Basic principles of corporate law
    • Commercial joint ventures: unincorporated & incorporated
    • Function, duties and powers of a corporation

Seminar format options

There are 3 format options - corporate group, full immersion in London, and individual:

  • Corporate closed group seminars - these are designed for small groups from the same company. The programme and objectives are agreed in advance and our Legal English trainer travels to your offices, not only in Milan and Rome, but anywhere in Italy or throughout Europe and the Middle East.

  • London full immersion - run throughout the year, these intensive courses immerse you in the English language, legal system and culture, and include special guest speakers and visits to the civil courts and law firms. Specialisations include specific courses for Commercial Lawyers, Public Sector Lawyers, Young Lawyers and preparation courses for the TOLES and ILEC Legal English certifications.

  • Individual intensive - these courses consist of 8 hours of training per day. We recommend following the course over 2-3 consecutive days but can be organized according to your schedule. You can book these at any time, subject to availability.


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